About us

Who we are

We are a unique blend of experienced facilitators, subject matter experts, seasoned coaches and digital learning gurus.

Through our eLearning platform and a team of experts, we provide organisations with the opportunity to experience high-quality consultancy services at a fraction of the price.

We will partner with you, strengthen your L&D capability and become your go-to experts for when things get tricky.

What we do

Our team has developed a hybrid, learning as a service solution that can offer online development and learning regarding all the key elements of a business.

With extensive experience across the full learning and development cycle, we are on hand to help. Whether it’s for full support across your entire L&D function, 1-2-1 coaching for your leaders, or digitalising your learning content through our LMS – we’ve got you.

We believe through learning today, you can be prepared for what the future may hold tomorrow.

Where we started

Masters in Minds, founded in 2007, facilitates mastery of our minds in order to lead, manage and deliver business that creates a positive impact on the world.

With many years of experience and knowledge behind us, helping organisations solve tricky problems and transform their thinking, our learning as a service solution will positively impact workplaces into places where people feel more inspired, empowered and engaged.

Our Values


We’ve always kept people at our core. We listen, we consult, we care. We bring transparency and integrity to everything we do. We take our social responsibilities seriously. And we treat everyone, warmly and sincerely, always bringing a very natural, very human approach to everything we do.


In our vibrant, constantly learning, constantly questioning way, we bring a bright, fresh energy to our clients. We’re innovative – trying new things and new thinking, like harnessing new digital innovations. Always keeping moving forward, always improving lives. We never stand still. 


As positive optimists, we believe businesses can have a much more beneficial effect on society as a whole. We spend so much time at work, let’s make it somewhere that enriches our lives. We have the expertise, tools and platform to help businesses change into something more.


Whilst we’re exceptionally professional, responsible and serious about what we do (and about getting serious results for our clients), we like to enjoy the process and have fun. We love what we do. We love seeing the positive impact on business and people. And we want that enthusiasm and passion to be infectious.