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The nuts and bolts of what we do.

We help build smarter and more capable organisations with our blended learning solution designed to support your organisational growth and strategy.

Why our solution

Whether you are a fast-paced start-up or an established organisation, we have the experience, knowledge and capabilities to help.  Our team has developed a hybrid solution that can offer online development and learning regarding all the key elements of the business.  We believe through learning today, you can be prepared for what the future may hold tomorrow. Our bespoke blend of distance learning, coaching and good old-fashioned, in-person facilitation is the perfect partnership to help your business grow to new heights.

Our unique blend of experienced facilitators and subject matter experts alongside our e-learning platform provides organisations with the opportunity to experience high-quality consultancy services at a fraction of the price.  Our MiM LaaS architects can plot an exclusive learning path for your people which can be easily governed through automation and inbox reporting.

Our teams continuously learn and develop with the best in class thinking, skills, reading, and practical outputs that deliver positive results for our clients.

This is the value we bring to you.

We are your people partners.

Just a taste of what is in store for you

Facilitator led-training
Our tech-agnostic facilitators deliver the learning on-site or through an agreed digital platform. We are genuinely agnostic!
E-learning curated courses
We build our courses from what we know works through decades of practical experience. We have lived the solution, not just read about it!
Embedding coaching
Where the rubber meets the road, we have an experienced team of respectful and challenging coaches who will facilitate you to be the best you can be. Hook your learners…
Access to our team of business specialists
Choose the right package for your business needs, and you have timed access to our entire team of specialists, facilitators and subject matter experts that are only a text away.…
Gamification – We all love a badge and a leader board!
Hook your learners from the start. Gamify courses with badges, points, levels, leaderboards, and rewards.
Learn when you want, wherever, whenever
Access courses from anywhere, whether a desktop, mobile, or tablet. Perfect for today’s new hybrid way of working.
Automate tasks
No more mundane admin tasks and gigantic to-do lists. Our MiM LaaS architect will build your solution to run like clockwork. Send automatic emails, auto-assign and remove courses, set expiration…
Analyse with in-depth reports
Save time, resources and money by tracking training from all angles with dynamic dashboards and automated reports. No more pulling your hair at the end of the month.
Manage without the mess
Get your people set up and running fast. Import users in bulk, invite them to self-register, and sync accounts from other systems. Sort users into groups to instantly auto-assign courses…

Some of MiM’s clients

What we do.

We build bespoke solutions for organisations to develop their people’s needs, which, in turn, grows an organisation.

Our blended solution is learning as a service (laas)

Our flexible plans give your organisation access to people-centric learning and development solutions, leaving you to do, what you do, best.

We take care of soft stuff! (well, we know it’s the soft stuff that makes the REAL difference.)

On Tap Consultancy 2-days PA4-days PA8-days PA
Access to Mindset Indicator Monitor Tool·
Access to Johari360°.com - Holistic assessment tool ·
Business Webinars x2x6
Online action clinics: 1 per month·
Access to Digital Quarterly Leaders Forum/group·
Implementation Manager···
mim laas. Success Manager··
Architecturally designed development glide-path for colleagues
Access to MiM e-learning library
30 courses40 courses60+courses
Animated e-learning courses (bite sized learning)50 courses100 courses200+ courses
Bespoke certifications···
Online social community ···
Download resources···
Function to build your own course···
Live chat·

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